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carbon steel elbow


Carbon steel elbow:

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90°Carbon steel elbow

According to the angle: 45 °, 90 °, 180 ° elbow are the three commonly used elbows; otherwise the project needs, such as 60 °or other angle, may be specifically tailored .


Connection with the carbon steel pipe: welded, flanged, threaded, and socket connections form.

According to the processing form: welded elbow, pressing elbow, casting elbow, etc.


Usage: connecting two pipes, changing the pipe direction to 45 ° , 180 °or 90 ° and the other angle turn.

Manufacturing standards: GB, ASTM, JIS, DIN, and Russia standard.

The basic process of carbon steel elbow: Firstly welding a multiple ring shell with polygonal cross-section or multiple fan-shaped shells with both ends closing; then, washing over the pressure medium in the interior and applying less pressure; under internal pressure, the polygonal cross-sectional becoming round, eventually becoming a circular ring shell. If necessary, a circular ring shell can be cut into four or six 90 ° elbows or 60 ° elbows or other specific elbows. The process is for the manufacture of any specific large elbow, which the diameter and inter diameter ratio is greater than 1.5 times. It is an ideal method for manufacturing large steel elbow.


The advantage of the carbon steel elbow making process mainly in the following aspects:

(1) Without the pipe as raw materials, saving pipe equipment and molding costs, and any large diameter and relatively thin carbon steel elbow.

(2) The blank is flat or developable surface, thus simple to cut , easy to ensure accuracy, easy to assemble and weld.

(3) Above two reasons, the manufacturing cycle can be shortened, and the production cost is greatly reduced. Because it requires no any special equipment, it is especially suitable for machining large steel elbow on-site.

(4) Carbon steel elbow is for oil, gas, chemicals, hydroelectricity, construction and boiler piping series in other industries.

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