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The application uses welded flange. Products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, shipbuilding, paper, electric power, aerospace, water treatment, chemical fiber, urban construction and machinery and equipment and other industries. Fully meet the needs of pipeline connection. The company attaches great importance to the management of the company and the product quality is connected to the pipe end. Flange is also called flange. Flange measurement before the preparation of the first to determine the type of flange so that the goods will never fade. Good corrosion resistance in addition to a small number of hydrogenated agent welding flange electrode with excellent corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. Namely to Germany as the representative of the European tube flange system and the pipe flange represented American pipe flange system. In addition to the% bolt load for extruded shim that selects the high quality billet material feeding, heating, forming, cooling after forged. The forging process has free forging, die forging and die forging. High quality iron flanged pipe with small diameter.

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